Hello, guys, if you fail to apply marketing in the right way, you are in the right place. Moreover, I’ll be talking about the practices of implementation through which you can get the right results, moreover, I’ll be covering the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing, so that you can get the proper view of today’s era.

Let’s talk about marketing. It’s in existence from the very existence of humanity. Because without sales, we can’t earn whether we are doing barter or doing a transaction with an exchange of money, the transaction is happening at both the places, so marketing was there, it is there, and it will remain. Marketing is something that needs emotional connect. So it will always stay in scope like if we talk about other jobs. Let’s take an example of doing home chores for that robots are coming, even for warehouse management companies like Flipkart and Amazon are using bots, so humans’ scope is going less day by day in operations. In contrast, we can’t replace humans in marketing because sales is an emotional connection between customers and sellers, which should always remain in scope. So marketing is something that will never go out of existence.

Talking about marketing starts even before making the product like we have to keep in mind the consumer’s needs and we have to make the product available to the consumer, which will fit the best of his/ her needs. Now that we have the product here comes the communication because with the just product we cant do marketing we need to have good communication skills we should first build our image lets say by providing free samples that will lead to brand awareness once that we have the leads now we can quickly push our products because now they are aware of our brand, so directly we can target them,

I want to add that we should humanize our brand because people are more likely to believe in human rather than just a logo, so if your target audience believes in you, you can promote anything whatever solution you have for the audience.

Now let’s talk about traditional vs digital marketing.

As I had talked about that marketing is in existence from the very existence of humanity. So I would like to throw more light on this let’s say if our product is generic, then we should use traditional marketing because tv advertisement still has the highest reach with around 800 million — 1 billion people. We can take the example of apple here. Apple does its advertising through traditional way because Apple is a known brand. In contrast, this traditional marketing is not tailored, according to the needs of consumers. Like if I talk about the new startup or services which vary from person to person. In those places, traditional marketing doesn’t work. Because it’s a digital era, we do target according to their needs, only that way we can provide them with more satisfactory services. Moreover, digital marketing is for the population who can speak and understand English very well and quickly use them.

Now I would like to share a formula with you that is called CATT marketing funnel, through which you can create wealth.

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Here it follows

Wealth = n^CATT

Niche- Your success and wealth depend on the niche. A niche is the marketing area in which you will work and master yourself like freelancing, affiliate marketing, and digital mentor.

C(content)- you should create useful content that will attract people from your niche, like blogs, webinars.

A (attention)- now that we have content we will drive traffic to our content using SEO paid advertisement, FB ads etc.

T(Trust)- Now comes the trust-building we should build trust with people by marketing automation and retargeting and providing free samples.

T(transaction)- Now convert your leads into customers with natural sales method.

Now comes the integrated digital marketing

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I want to say that many people fail at marketing. Because they don’t integrate their activities like on the one side, their FB ads are going. On the other side, their different email marketing is going. So to succeed in marketing, we have to follow integrated digital marketing. Because when we follow the process, then only results will come. Like first we will do the content marketing, offer something free and give them any sample of your work. Get them in our email list now that they are in our list we can target them now that they know about our content and about us we can use the paid ads social media ads and email marketing to push them to purchase something from us called integrated marketing.

For all that to succeed we need to have an excellent personal brand

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As I have mentioned, we should humanize our brand because people will trust more in our brand and hence we will get more sales and more customers. Now comes to how we can build a personal brand, for that we should work on skill which we want to learn and keep working on that until you’ll feel confident to use them in real life, this way you can make an excellent personal brand which will give a boost to your work.

Now that you have a new skill, you should start blogging because that will lead to people knowing about you and provide you with opportunities like consulting, and you can make money from that.

You can even do mentor the people who want to be like you.

You can even do startup your company now that you have a personal brand, and with doing mentoring, it will get to mass trust and provides you with suitable clients.

In the end, I would like to say that we can only get the best in marketing only when we are integrating all our acts to our target audience because only that way we can achieve what we want.

Thank You

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